1. Introduction to the electronic order and invoice management system at Swiss Post

    1.1 What are Swiss Post’s goals?

    Swiss Post consistently pursues the goal of driving ahead its digitization. Within this scope, it also seeks to make its procurement processes simpler and more efficient. Swiss Post has therefore decided to use a new and innovative solution for collaborating with its suppliers.

    From mid-2019 onwards, Swiss Post phased in the SAP Ariba Network for exchanging orders and invoices.

    1.2 What are the benefits for the suppliers?

    Using the SAP Ariba Network can also generate added value for suppliers. These are the benefits:

    • Lower administrative costs for postage, printing and dispatch

    • Order status overview online

    • Traceability of the book entry and payment date of the invoices

    • Increased invoicing accuracy and fewer deviations

    • Access to the world’s largest business commerce network

    1.3 What is the Ariba Network?

      The SAP Ariba Network is a comprehensive platform for collaboration between suppliers and customers, through which various transactions can be processed.

    1.4 Will I have to pay for SAP Ariba?

    Suppliers have a choice of two options for using the Ariba Network:

    • Standard account (free of charge)
    • Enterprise account (charges apply)
    Features Standard account Enterprise account             
    Costs Free of charge Charges apply
    Reporting options None Available
    Order acceptance and processing Only via e-mail and the link contained in it. Manual processing only. Directly in the Ariba Network portal
    Invoice creation Only via e-mail and the link contained in it. Manual processing only. Directly in the Ariba Network portal
    Catalogue viewing for customers Not possible Possible
    Detailed receipt display No, receipts must always be reopened for viewing via the e-mail link. Separate tabs for viewing purchase orders, invoices and service records in SAP Ariba             
    Automated receipt exchange Not possible Possible
    Contact for queries Online Help Center Dedicated Ariba support team

    A Standard or Enterprise account can be used for receipt and information exchange with Swiss Post. When registering, you as a supplier will automatically receive a free Standard account. If you would like to upgrade to a paid Enterprise account, you can do so in the Ariba Network. The choice of whether to use a Standard or an Enterprise account for receipt exchange is at the supplier’s sole discretion. Neither SAP Ariba nor Swiss Post Ltd are able to carry out an upgrade for suppliers.

    1.4.1 Standard account (free of charge) – functionalities

    Using the Standard account is free of charge for suppliers, regardless of transaction volumes and the number of documents exchanged via the Ariba Network.

    Suppliers always access the orders and create invoices via a link, which they receive by e-mail.

    1.4.2 Enterprise account (charges apply) – functionalities

    The Enterprise account offers advanced features. The Enterprise account comes in “Bronze”, “Silver”, “Gold” or “Platinum” versions. Depending on the transaction volume and the number of documents sent, different charges may apply.

    For more detailed information about the various subscription levels and thresholds, please visit: https://www.sap.com/swiss/products/business-network/suppliers/enterprise-account.html

    1.5 How secure is the Ariba Network (data protection and confidentiality)?

    Data protection is guaranteed, inter alia, by the encryption of uploaded documents or sensitive information before they are saved on the database and transmitted. The Ariba servers are located in the Netherlands, and the back-up servers in Germany.

    1.6 What are the technical requirements for using the Ariba Network?

    The Ariba portal can be used with the following certified Internet browsers:

    • Apple Safari 9+ (64-bit). The new Ariba design is not supported by Safari on mobile devices.
    • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 (32-bit). Compatibility mode is not supported.
    • Microsoft Edge 25
    • Google Chrome 53 – 55 (64-bit)
    • Mozilla Firefox 48 – 50 (64-bit)

    2. How do I open an Ariba Network account?

    Swiss Post sends suppliers an e-mail requesting registration. This e-mail contains all the information required to open an Ariba Network account.

    3. Registration and qualification with Swiss Post

    Once your Ariba Network account is open, each potential Swiss Post supplier must undergo a two-step verification process:

    1. Registration in SAP Ariba as a supplier to Swiss Post
    2. Once successfully registered, suppliers will go through the qualification process. The qualification process includes product line-specific requirements such as certificates, GDPR, etc.

    4. Managing your Ariba account

    Once registered, every supplier is given access to training documents and instructions on how to set up their Ariba account. Setting up this account is a key requirement for seamless exchange of documentation with Swiss Post and should be done as soon as you have received the relevant information.

    5. Troubleshooting

    If you have general questions about the Ariba Network, SAP Ariba has a Help Center for suppliers: https://support.ariba.com/help

    If you have specific questions on collaborating with Swiss Post, you can get in touch with the following contact points:

    slpeinfuehrung@swisspost.ch for suppliers who are not yet registered or are in the process of registering.

    rampup-ariba@swisspost.ch for suppliers who are already registered.