Self-registration as a potential supplier to Swiss Post

Would you like to present yourself to Swiss Post as a potential supplier?

Then please use the pre-registration form below to introduce yourself to us.

The self-registration process as a potential supplier to Swiss Post takes place over several steps:

Once you have completed the pre-registration form, your application will be reviewed. If Swiss Post is interested, you will then be invited by e-mail to register on the SAP Ariba Network as a potential supplier to Swiss Post. By linking your Ariba account with Ariba POST and submitting the questionnaire we provide, you have the opportunity to present your service range as a supplier to us. Once your registration has been approved, you will be added to our bidder list as a potential supplier.

We advise you that inclusion in the Swiss Post bidder list does not directly entitle you to future orders or consideration for future tenders.

In the event of future collaboration, we will contact you at a later date for the purposes of supplier qualification.